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If you’re a practical person who enjoys working with your hands and likes to learn by doing. You are likely to be a good problem solver, who is comfortable working as part of a team and gets a sense of achievement from seeing a job done well. If you study construction you’ll learn about paving, restoration, building work – everything from the foundations up to the roof. Find out more about careers in construction and the built environment here.

It is anticipated that for the next four years, an extra 87,600 new recruits will be required each year within the construction sector, so it’s a good time to be learning. Qualifying as an electrician sets you up for a high-level, well paid career. Students may progress through Levels 1, 2 and 3, which provide a good grounding for entry into the electrical engineering and installation industries.
Kris says
Kris says... I hope that my experiences can inspire our learners to pursue the fantastic opportunities that the construction industry has to offer.
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