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At Weymouth College we are committed to the promotion and delivery of sustainable practices that positively impact on the ongoing climate change emergency.

We are working on:

  • Organisational development
  • Staff and student understanding and participation
  • Actively leading change through partnerships.

The College has adopted a Sustainability strategy and holds a Sustainability tactical group to monitor, progress and celebrate actions across the College.

Weymouth College is embracing  the FE Climate Action Roadmap and pledging our support for the RACE TO ZERO agenda, with a firm  commitment to reach CARBON NEUTRAL BY 2035.

Carbon Reporting

Weymouth College is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and has taken the following measures in the year to improve energy efficiency:

  • Sustainability strategy that follows the FE Roadmap for Climate Change action
  • Solar PV panels for 468 KW capacity (projected carbon save of 59% of electricity supply)


Progress to Date

Solar Panels installed on 5 key Campus buildings

Net zero electricity supply

Electricity consumption review & savings


Insulation to valves & pipework

LED lighting

Bike shelters

Tree planting on site


Sustainability tactical group established

Student Council – sustainability agenda

Environment week in November (COP26)

Sustainability themed education

Carbon Literacy Project

Waste management reviews

Low Carbon Dorset meeting

Networking with other FE Colleges

Next Steps

Climate change and ecological destruction remain one of the biggest challenges of our time. As a college we are continuing to build on the steps we have taken to develop clear sustainability strategies and build upon the energy of our staff and students and our close community ties as we work towards net-zero emissions each day.

  • Establish Sustainability strategy as per the FE Climate Action Roadmap
  • Carbon Literacy Project – roll out programme to wider College
  • Seek funding for de-carbonisation initiatives (heating / lighting)
  • College wide Travel plan – staff and students
  • Recycling across College feeds into Waste management contract
  • Food & drink – sustainability actions within catering & canteen
  • College procurement and sustainability impact
  • Further networking with local FE Colleges to share best practice
  • How to eradicate single use plastic?
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