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Weymouth College is a College of Further Education which was established under the provisions of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992.

The Governing Body or College Corporation’s function is to decide on strategic policy and the overall direction of the College, as well as monitoring the performance of the College’s Senior Leaders.

The Corporation must comply with its Instrument and Articles of Government, which is its governing document. Corporation business is open to public scrutiny and, with the exception of those items of business that are deemed to be confidential as defined within the Instrument of Government, its policy is that minutes of the Corporation (including its committees) are available to the public. This website is part of the Governors’ commitment to openness and transparency.

The Corporation operates the Policy Governance Model and chooses to have the following Committees to help it in its work – Audit Committee, Curriculum and Quality Committee, Finance Committee, Search and Governance Committee and Remuneration Committee.




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