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If you are over 19 and wish to move onto higher education but either lack the formal entry qualifications or feel the need to develop confidence and regain practice in study methods, then our Access to Higher Education (A2HE) course is for you. Our Diplomas are nationally validated through AIM awards and are entered in the National Register of Access to Higher Education courses, to which higher education establishments refer. This course will help you to gain a university place to study in a range of vocational or academic degrees. Weymouth College offers a number of different A2HE diplomas: Health and Social Care, Science  and Humanities. An encouraging and friendly environment, created by staff and fellow mature students, means that we have a very good track record in helping adults get to university. We offer you support and advice throughout the process of applying to university including preparation for interview.
Emily says
Emily says... I went from just doing the school run to out every day getting qualifications – and I enjoyed it! I’ve now got Level 2s in English, maths and ICT and am enrolled for a course at college in September
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