Construction & Building Services

Career prospects This is for you if… you’re a practical person who enjoys working with your hands and likes to learn by doing. You are likely to be a good problem solver, who is comfortable working as part of a team and gets a sense of achievement from seeing a job done well. If you study construction you’ll learn about paving, restoration, building work – everything from the foundations up to the roof.  

It is anticipated that for the next four years, an extra 87,600 new recruits will be required each year within the construction sector, so it’s a good time to be learning. Qualifying as an electrician sets you up for a high-level, wellpaid career. Students may progress through Levels 1, 2 and 3, which provide a good grounding for entry into the electrical engineering and installation industries. Plumbing is a trade with good salary prospects and lots of work opportunities. Many students take up apprenticeships or full-time jobs in companies, while others have gone on to run their own business. If you’ve got a passion for the water and boats, our hands-on maritime skills courses introduce you to essential skills for a career in the marine industries. Weymouth and Portland’s location and proud heritage for maritime skills make this an ideal place to study. Graduates of our prestigious Stonemasonry courses are working on commissions and restoration projects all around the globe. There is a long tradition of our Architecture, Civil Engineering & Surveying students progressing to university to study architecture, while others have secured employment in the construction industry.

Why study with us?

We are the largest provider of construction education in South West Dorset, with excellent modern facilities. The department is highly regarded for its quality work and achieves excellent results at national levels in skills competitions in all trades. Weymouth College is a world-leader in the training of stonemasons. Students literally travel thousands of miles to study with us. The World Skills champion in 2012 and the runner up in 2013 both studied at Weymouth. You can keep up-to-date with stonemasonry developments by following their blog

Next steps

You may want to discuss courses with teaching staff and students at one of our Open Evenings and apply for a place online.