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Student of the Year Shortlist 2023Weymouth College student Haydn Quartermaine has been nominated for a Student of the Year Award for exceptional dedication to his own personal development and environmental work at a local community farm.

Haydn has been shortlisted in the Student Green Commitment category at the Association of Colleges’ (AOC) Student of the Year Awards after being nominated by Weymouth College staff.

Haydn’s personal achievements, determination and resilience have been described as “remarkable and outstanding”, having overcome significant language and development delays to demonstrate growth throughout his academic journey.

In 2022, Haydn achieved his NOCN Level 1 Award in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development, helping him to develop the skills required to thrive in a work environment.

As part of his Foundation Studies, Haydn immersed himself in various work experience activities and took it upon himself to volunteer on days outside of his College curriculum, helping him to secure a Supported Internship Placement at the volunteer-led Tumbledown Community Farm, owned by Weymouth Town Council, which can be seen as one of the biggest examples of his achievements.

Cycling a 14-round mile trip to Tumbledown and often putting in hours above and beyond his placement, Haydn has helped to promote biodiversity, conservation work and assisted other volunteer groups, always showing a positive, can-do attitude.

He has actively been involved in tasks ranging from carpentry to conservation work, allowing him to develop his own practical and social skills. Hayden’s passion for sustainability extends to his woodwork skills, in which he uses recycled wood to create benches and planters for the farm.

Despite facing learning challenges, he has consistently demonstrated a keenness to pursue his own personal and academic development while also making a significant contribution to both the environment and to helping others.

In nominating Haydn, the Head of Curriculum Skills (SEND) at Weymouth College, Darren Morgan, commented: “Haydn’s dedication to the project has been evident through his consistent attendance, strong work ethic and a willingness to help others. His positive attitude and diligence have made him a valuable asset, inspiring other volunteers and visitors alike.

“The continuous development of independent skills and the ability to follow instructions through to completion demonstrates Haydn’s dedication to align both his and the College’s values with that of the farm.

“The impact of Haydn’s contributions goes beyond just the farm environment. By helping to donate the food produced at Tumbledown to local food banks and businesses, he will be helping to support those in need within the wider community.

“By sharing his journey to overcome challenges and grasp opportunities to grow, Haydn has become a source of inspiration for those facing similar challenges. His dedication to the environment and to helping others can inspire engagement with local communities… his journey serves as a beacon of perseverance and unwavering commitment to helping others.”

Finalists for the Student of the Year Awards will be announced on October 19th as part of the AoC’s Colleges Week and winners will be revealed at the AoC Conference dinner on November 14th.

The full listed of shortlisted candidates is available at Student of the Year 2023/24 | Association of Colleges (

Everyone at Weymouth College wishes Hadyn the best of luck!

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