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Delivered through the Dorset Training Academy, these sessions are aimed at anyone who wishes to expand and develop their skills using word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, and is broken down into the following units:

Cost £30pp for each hourly session


Unit 1 – Creating a new document and formatting text

Unit 2 – Document and text formatting

Enriching Text

Unit 3 – Indents, bullets and numbering

Unit 4 – Creating Tables

Unit 5 – Adding objects, text boxes and diagrams

Enriching Documents

Unit 6 – Setting a document up to print/share

Unit 7a – Mail Merge 1 – using and editing data sources

Unit 7b – Mail Merge 2 – using an Excel data source

Advanced Document Formatting

Unit 8 – Themes and Styles

Unit 9 – Creating a table of Contents

Unit 10 – Advanced Document features

Reviewing and Accessibility

Unit 11 – Tracking Changes and comments; accessibility features

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