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This course is designed to help you to learn how to be able to part manage your company finances in preparation to send to your accountant. This will include the use of Quickbooks and Excel and includes training on paying staff (NI and Tax), VAT, managing a variable income.

Course Content

This course is an opportunity for self-employed individuals to increase their skills and confidence to be able to manage their company finances.

This course has been designed specifically for self-employed individuals using Quickbooks and Excel to develop the skills required to give you the confidence and skills to part manage your own company accounts, in preparation for your accountant.

You will learn about:

  • computerised accounting
  • the use of spreadsheets for cash flows and analysis
  • bank borrowing and investment
  • setting up a new business
  • expansion of an existing business

You will also become confident in:

  • how to pay your staff, including National Insurance and tax deductions
  • how to manage a variable income

This course will develop your digital development as well as your numeracy skills which are essential tools to ensure you are equipped to run your business confidently and competently.

Times & Duration

Tuesdays 6:00-8:00pm

6 weeks @ 2 hours

Total: 12 hours

6 weeks


Weymouth College Main Campus and Online

Course Fees

There is no charge associated with this course.

Apply Now!

For further information on this please contact the Dorset Training Academy, Weymouth College, Cranford Avenue, Weymouth, DT4 7LQ.

If you are ready to like to apply for this course, please use the form below and tick the ‘Self-Employed Finances’ box and a member of our Adult Skills Team will be in touch shortly.

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