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Application for this course is via UCAS Institution Code: W66 and UCAS Course Code: LEMA

This course can be offered as a full-time two-year Higher National Diploma (HND) route and full-time one-year Higher National Certificate (HNC) and a part-time two year Higher National Certificate (HNC).

Pearson BTEC Higher National qualifications take a student-centred approach to the curriculum. There is a flexible, unit-based structure that focuses on developing the practical, interpersonal and thinking skills the student will need to succeed in employment and higher education.

The Level 4 units lay the foundations of learning by providing a broad introduction to business and different business functions. Students will develop an understanding of the key concepts in leadership & management that can be applied to any business setting. Student will have the opportunity to refine their practical skills gained through research, independent study, directed study and workplace scenarios. Students are involved in vocational activities that help them to develop vocational behaviours (the attitudes and approaches required for a competence) and transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, research and analysis, which are highly valued in higher education and the workplace.

The Level 5 units give students the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and behaviours aligned to the Occupational Standard (OS) for Operations or Departmental Manager. The units will prepare students to enter employment with the qualities and abilities necessary for roles that require personal responsibility and decision-making, and support students to aspire to future management roles.

The units also prepare students to progress to Level 6 higher education study, including higher apprenticeships and professional body qualifications. Students will be able to develop and apply their own ideas to their studies, to deal with uncertainty and complexity, to explore solutions, demonstrate critical evaluation and use both theory and practice in a wide range of business situations. By the end of Level 5, students will have a sound understanding of the principles of leadership and management and will know how to apply those principles more widely in the business world.

Note: students enrolled on the full-time routes for this course will be registered to receive a stand-alone HNC in Year 1 of their studies.

To view the Service Industry Management pathway please click here

Entry Requirements

Applicants should normally be at least 18 years of age.

Applications are welcomed from candidates with a subject-specific Level 3 course such as a National Subsidiary/Diploma/Extended Diploma, A Level, Access to Higher Education Course, or a work-based course, such as NVQ 3 or Advanced Apprenticeship with a minimum 48 UCAS points achieved.

International applicants will be required to have an IELTS score of 6 achieved within the last two years to apply for this course.

Mature students may present a more varied profile of achievement that is likely to include extensive work experience (paid and/or unpaid) and/or achievement of a range of professional qualifications in their work sector. Applicants will normally be invited for interview.

HNC applicants may be invited for interview, and selection based on references and completion of a Pre-entry Assessment progression assignment.

Course Content

The Higher National Certificate Leadership & Management for England (HNC) is a Level 4 qualification made up of 120 credits.

The Higher National Diploma Leadership & Management for England (HND) is a Level 4 and Level 5 qualification made up of 240 credits.

Level 4 Mandatory Core Units HNC/D: The Contemporary Business Environment, Marketing Processes & Planning, Management of Human Resources, Leadership & Management, Accounting Principles, Managing a Successful Business Project, Operational Planning & Management, Digital Business in Practice

Level 5 Mandatory Core Units (HND only): Organisational Behaviour Management, Managing & Leading Change, Principles of Operations Management, Business Strategy, Business Information Technology Systems, Developing Individual, Teams & Organisations, Business Communications & Relationship Management, Business Data Analytics & Insights

How will I be assessed?

The course is predominantly assessed through the completion of assignment projects. Much of the study will require work outside of formal classes, so self-motivation and good time management skills are essential. As a guideline you are advised that a 15-credit unit approximates to a learning time of 150 hours.

Two core units: one 15 credit (Level 4) and one 15 credit units (Level 5) will be assessed by a mandatory Pearson-set assignment.


A key progression path for BTEC HNC and HND learners is to the second or third year of a degree or honours degree programme, depending on the match of the BTEC Higher National units to the degree programme in question. Depending on the entry requirements of individual universities successful completion of the course will enable you to apply to top up to a range of degree level courses in related subject areas.  UCAS course search will enable you to explore options for Top Up courses available throughout the UK.


The course fees for HND and HNC (full-time) students for this course will be £6,250 and for HNC (part-time) students £3,250 per annum. Details of the student finance available for all higher education students can be found on the student finance website this course is classed as full-time HIGHER EDUCATION for the full-time HND/HNC routes and part-time HIGHER EDUCATION for the one day per week route.

HNC/HND Course Handbook
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