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In Short

A Level Chemistry B will give you an insight into the contemporary world of chemistry – and the impact it has on industry and many aspects of everyday life.  You will learn about its relevance and application in a range of different contexts – conveying the excitement of contemporary chemistry – and including: elements of life, developing fuels, elements from the sea, the ozone story, the chemical and medical industries, developing metals and polymers.

100% pass rate in A Level Chemistry in 20206.4% above National Average

“A level science means studying in depth – our teachers have experience and knowledge that makes study really enthralling” Dylan



Entry Requirements

At least 5 GCSEs at Grade 9-5 (C) including English and Grade 6 (B) in Maths, as well as either Grade 66 (BB) in Double Award Science or Grade 6 (B) in Chemistry.


Course Content

What modules will I study?

  • Elements of life
  • Developing fuels
  • Elements from the sea
  • The ozone story
  • What’s in a medicine?
  • The chemical industry
  • Polymers and life
  • Oceans
  • Developing metals

Emphasis throughout the course is on developing knowledge, competence and confidence in practical and problem solving. You will learn how society makes decisions about scientific issues and how sciences contribute to the success of the economy and society.



How will I be assessed?

AS level: Total of 3 hours of examination (2 x 1 hour 30 minutes) taken after 1 year.

A level: Total of 6 hours of examination (2 x 2 hours 15 minutes and 1 x 1 hour 30 minutes) taken at the end of 2 years.

There will be a wide range of question types including multiple choice, short answer and extended response questions.

You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of both theory and practical skills through the examinations.




A Level Chemistry B is an excellent basis for a university degree in healthcare—medicine, pharmacy and dentistry—as well as chemistry, the biological sciences, physics, mathematics, pharmacology and analytical chemistry.

Chemistry is also taken by many law applicants as it shows an ability to cope with difficult concepts.

It offers a  range of career opportunities in areas such as chemical, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries together with forensics, environmental protection and healthcare.



Your Tutor - Michael Tomlinson

Ph.D (Analytical Chemistry)

I have 10+ years of industrial experience working as an Analytical Chemist and I have taught Chemistry for the last 16 years (8 years at Weymouth College). I have a wealth of experience in delivering A-level and BTEC and so am able to ensure students are well prepared for examinations and assessments. Our courses have a strong practical element which links to the   in all cases making the courses relevant and contemporary, covering current issues such as environmental chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and beyond.

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