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Weymouth College offers extensive transport opportunities to enable students to get to the College as conveniently as possible. There are annual bus passes, allowing 52 weeks of travel to students who live more than five miles from the College and we operate our own coach service covering East Dorset. We offer the following services to the front door of Weymouth College:

  • Coaches for students who travel from East Dorset
  • Minibus service for students that live north of Dorchester
  • Dedicated bus service for students travelling from Beaminster and Bridport.

The Travel Centre

The College has its own Travel Centre office located in the Fleet Restaurant. From here students can purchase period passes for the local area which offers substantial savings over daily purchases.

Travel Assistance over five miles

If you live on a public transport route and five miles away from the College then you may be able to obtain assistance with your travel. This could be in the form of a bus pass, or train pass. With most services operating past Weymouth College at least every two hours, and in most cases every ten minutes, then the College is ideally situated to access the growing transport network. All this and we offer the cheapest student contribution charge so you don’t have to pay the earth to travel in Dorset. The majority of students now have annual bus passes allowing travel at weekends, evenings and even during college holidays. Download the Application for Transport Assistance 2021-22 Form

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