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Higher Education can help you to fulfil personal and professional ambitions, but for many individuals, the traditional route to university can be challenging.

This is where Access to Higher Education courses come into play, offering a transformative opportunity for those embarking on a journey towards academic success.

Access to Higher Education courses serve as a bridge for individuals who may have missed out on formal education or lack the necessary qualifications to apply for university.

These courses are specifically designed to provide students with the essential knowledge, skills and confidence needed to thrive in Higher Education settings – a second chance to fulfil your ambitions.

Weymouth College currently offers three Access to Higher Education Diploma courses, in Health Professions, Humanities and Social Science, and Science. Our encouraging and friendly environment, created by staff and fellow mature students, means that we have a very good track record in helping adult learners get to university.

One of the main benefits of our Access to Higher Education courses is their flexibility. Unlike traditional university courses, these courses often cater to students with busy schedules or other commitments, offering part-time, evening and online study options.

This flexibility enables students to balance their academic pursuits with work, family or other responsibilities, making Higher Education more accessible to a broader range of learners.

Moreover, Access to Higher Education courses provide a supportive learning environment that nurtures academic growth and personal development.

At Weymouth College, students benefit from our highly-experienced teaching staff who are committed to helping them succeed. We will offer personalised guidance, encouragement and support, as well as advice throughout the process of applying to university, including preparation for interview.

Access to HE Healthcare Diploma student Charlotte said: “I chose the access course because I want to become a midwife. After being out of education for 14 years it has allowed for me to be able to get back into an academic setting and expand my knowledge of educational writing, preparing me for university.

“It has increased my confidence and I have felt supported throughout. I really enjoy the course, have a laugh with the lecturers and have made lifelong friends.”

Another key advantage of Access to Higher Education courses is the emphasis on practical skills and real-world relevance. These courses are designed to equip students with the knowledge and abilities needed to excel in their chosen field of study.

Whether pursuing a career in healthcare, business, social sciences or any other discipline, students at Weymouth College gain valuable insights and hands-on experience that prepare them for the challenges of Higher Education and the demands of the workforce.

Access to Higher Education courses open doors to a wide range of academic opportunities. Upon successful completion of their course at Weymouth College, students have the opportunity to progress to university-level study, with many institutions recognising our Diploma qualifications, validated through the AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group and entered in the National Register of Access to Higher Education courses.

Melissa studied the Access to HE Science Diploma, which helped her secure a place at London South Bank University to pursue her ambition of becoming a dental hygienist.

She said: “Having been out of education for so long, doing the access course in science at Weymouth College really helped prepare me for my university studies and build my confidence in academic writing. The course was two days a week which allowed me the flexibility to work alongside it.

“I’m so grateful because with the Access to HE Science Diploma I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Access to Higher Education courses at Weymouth College are open to all those aged 19+ from diverse backgrounds and circumstances. These courses are specifically designed to cater to learners who may have missed out on formal education or lack the necessary qualifications to apply for university.

Whether you are returning to education after a hiatus, seeking to change career paths, or simply looking to enhance your academic credentials, Access to Higher Education courses welcome students of all ages and backgrounds.

These courses are particularly well-suited for:

  • Adult learners – individuals who have been out of education for some time and are seeking to re-enter the academic sphere to pursue higher education opportunities.
  • Career changers – those who wish to transition into a new field or industry and require the necessary qualifications to make this shift.
  • Mature students – individuals who may not have had the opportunity to pursue Higher Education earlier in life but are now ready to embark on a journey of personal and professional development.
  • Individuals without traditional qualifications – students who do not possess the typical entry requirements for university but demonstrate the motivation and determination to succeed in higher education.
  • Those with work or family commitments – individuals who require flexible study options that accommodate their existing responsibilities, such as employment or caregiving duties.

Access to Higher Education courses at Weymouth College are inclusive and accessible to anyone with a desire to further their education and pursue their academic goals, regardless of their background or previous educational experiences.

Find out more about our Access to Higher Education courses here: Access to Higher Education Archives – Weymouth College

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