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At Weymouth College we have put together a catalogue of resources to help you get all the information you need to make the right decision for you. You can access these resources at any time by following the links below.

General Careers Information

Labour Market Information


Degree Apprenticeships

Higher Education

Webinar Wednesdays

 Each session will provide expert information from universities and apprenticeship representatives to help students make the right decisions and perfect their applications.

Student Finance


If you are applying to start university in September 2020 you should apply for student finance from now (March 2020)! 

Even if you have not been made an offer yet, you can put your first choice details down and change the details later if necessary. Or you can cancel your application, if you choose not to go. 

As of Monday 23rd March 2020, the Careers Adviser, Deborah Hepburn or Aliki Tennant, are available via email if you have any questions or concerns regarding UCAS applications, Apprenticeships or  progression and you need guidance:  or


Useful Documents & Links:

Student Finance Presentation

Student finance – How you’re assessed and paid 2020 to 2021

Student Finance – Terms and Conditions 2020 to 2021

GOV.UK Disabled Students Allowances Link

UCAS Disabled Students Allowances Link

Parents Learning Allowance

Adult Dependants’ Grant

Childcare Grant

Student Finance England Dependants Grants Forms

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