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In response to the current pandemic and closure of educational establishments, the College will offer remote delivery where possible. The remote curriculum will be aligned to the classroom curriculum and will be delivered primarily through digital platforms, online learning will take place during timetabled lessons supplemented with additional curriculum (prepared by lecturers and
accessed at any time by students).

All lessons will be sequenced as they would in the classroom and aims and objectives will be made explicit to all students. Feedback and assessment will be provided by lecturers through a range of methods, for example written feedback on submitted work, virtual classroom discussions, 1 to 1’s, questioning in live lessons, quizzes, polls and chat groups.

Students will be provided with guidance to access the resources and the platforms used to deliver the sessions.

We will aim to ensure that students are not disadvantaged in any way during this period of time.

Questions and Answers

What remote learning will be available to me?

We will provide a remote learning offer for all students based on their programme hours. This will be the same for 16-18s, Apprentices, HE and adult programmes. The remote learning will be provided through a mix of:

  • Online face-to-face sessions using Teams and Google Classroom (Depending on the most appropriate platform linked to each curriculum area).
  • Set activities and tasks, using a range of remote applications.
  • Weyhub/Moodle and OneFile as Virtual Learning Environments with textbooks available as appropriate to students.
  • Directed specialist support where required
  • Individual communication and feedback through the above mechanisms.

How will my timetable work?

As far as possible, we will keep the structure of your timetable the same as when you were offered face-to-face and directed study. This means that you will be set work to undertake at home for the hours you would have been on campus.

Your lecturers may need to change units and activities, because you will not have the same access to professional resources e.g. workshops, laboratory and industry resources. This may mean moving practical units to later in the academic year (summer term) when we hope to be back on site.

What is expected of me?

Your lecturer/tutor will send you work home via the allocated remote platform – they will explain this to you clearly so you know where your course content is located and what you need to do.
Remember you will have online face-to-face sessions to check on your understanding. To help you succeed with remote learning, follow the guidance below:

  • Ensure you have a suitable space at home and get yourself organised for learning so that you can be successful in your college course.
  • Your attendance to all remote lessons will be taken as normal attendance via our register systems, please ensure you attend 100%.
  • You should be punctual and prepared for learning with all the equipment you need.
  • Please ensure that you adhere to all deadlines as requested by your teaching staff, this will ensure that you are keeping on track to achieve your qualification, failure to do so may affect your ability to complete your qualification.
  • Switch your cameras on and stay on mute unless you are engaging in conversation or contributing to the lesson.
  • You should be dressed appropriately for lessons i.e. not in sleepwear or inappropriate clothes for a lesson.
  • We will retain the same high expectations and standards for online learning as for face-to-face on site, and as such the disciplinary procedure will continue to apply for inappropriate behaviour, please ensure that you support your peers and your lecturer by positively engaging in your lessons.
  • You must attend all lessons, your attendance will be recorded and monitored, and tutors will be in contact with you if your attendance is below expectation.
  • Your tutor/lecturer will be available to support you during your usual lesson times and will be contactable via the methods above. You can also respond to your teaching staff and send your lecturer completed work using those same tools.

How will I access industry facilities or resources?

During lockdown we are unable to provide access to our onsite facilities. We are therefore adjusting our units and timetables to use resources that will support your course progress whilst at home. Where feasible, we will look to deliver learning resources and packs for practical activities if these are needed at home and we will reschedule practical learning once we are able to return onsite.

I am struggling to access technology – what support is available?

If you do not yet access to a laptop we can organise a loan through the College Library. To organise loan of a laptop, please contact the Library using the following email address or by calling 01305 208820.

I usually have help in the classroom, will I still have support in my remote lessons?

If you have a Specialist Support Assistant (SSA) in a classroom lesson, then the SSA will be invited to join your remote lessons and keep in regular contact with you to continue to support you in your learning.

You will be contacted to discuss individual arrangements if you currently have an Education Health Care Plan to ensure that you are progressing with your learning as well as your wellbeing. Reviews of EHCPs will continue to be carried out via MS Teams.

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