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Last week, Year 6 children from schools across Weymouth were at Weymouth College for ‘Primary College’. The articles below were written by children attending the Journalism workshops – one of over 40 activities on offer.

Bowled Over by Pottery

Today, in Primary College, we interviewed two students in the Pottery workshop: Paige, from Conifers, and Theo, from St Nicholas & St Laurence, both aged 11. They were making a plant pot and a flower pot. Paige told us she’s good at Art and moulds and she likes creating ‘amazing stuff’. Theo said he chose Pottery because he did it in year four and because it’s really interesting. Theo likes the cold, wet feeling of clay and likes making stuff out of it.

Written by Ruby and Melody-Jane, aged 11, from St Andrew’s.

Crazy, Cool Kickboxing!

As roving reporters at today’s Primary College, we interviewed potential Kickboxers Levi and Jake, 11, from Bincombe, and William, 11, from Wyke Regis.

When asked what they thought about their first Kickboxing workshop they replied in one voice: “Excellent!”

Did they enjoy the kicking and boxing? Their punchy response was, ‘‘Yeah”; it made them feel “tired, sweaty and happy.”

They also enjoy playing other sports in their spare time like ‘fun football’, ‘brave boxing’ and ‘basic basketball’.

Kickboxing seems to be boxing clever.

Alfie and Maya, 11, from St Nicholas & St Laurence.

College Cash King

As Primary College participants, we had the chance to interview the Vice Principal – Finance and Human Resources, at Weymouth College, Rob Cole. His job role is important because he makes sure that the college has sustainable funds for the curriculum, staff pay, and the bills for the college. He told us the college’s £14 million budget is easier to manage if you ‘think of it as numbers, not the money’. To unwind, he enjoys playing cricket, football and golf with his two children, aged 9 and 16, as well as travelling to his favourite resort, Mevagissey in Cornwall, with his family.

Interviewing Rob, we suddenly realized, when £14m is involved, Maths isn’t necessarily boring.

Written by Wilf & Josie from Wyke Regis CofE Junior School and Brendan & Thomas from St John’s CofE Primary School

Signing for Life

Breaking news: this Friday, Jessica (11, St Johns) and Lee (11, Bincombe) took the Sign Language workshop at Primary College. Jessica’s neighbour is deaf. ‘So I can learn to sign for him,’ she said. ‘It is interesting and useful,’ Lee added.

They have been learning animals, colours and letters in sign language. Our reporter signed, ‘What is your favourite colour?’ And they signed back, ‘Blue and black.’

‘We have made many friends at Primary College and would love to learn sign language in the future,’ they both agreed. Hopefully, one day we will all learn sign language and increase awareness of people who are deaf or partly deaf.

By Sophie and Molly, both aged 11 and from Southill, and Sidney, aged 11, from Conifers.

Primary College: Cutting to the Chase!

Today’s echo is bringing you a report from the Hairdressing studio at Weymouth College. Today, we interviewed two lucky year six girls participating in one of the hairdressing courses.

Niamh’s Nostalgic Hairstyles

10 year old Niamh from St Augustine’s said she chose this workshop because it sounded appealing and sparked her interest.

She loved styling and working with hair in general, and the wigs gave her a good opportunity to try out new skills: ‘I’m enjoying this course, but my future is in Art.’

Her friends also helped her learn new skills. She rates the course a 9/10!! And she recommends it to others.

By Jemima and Mia, both aged 11 and from St Augustine’s, and Ethan, aged 11, from St Nicholas & St Laurence.

Emergency! Emergency! Year 6 pupils discover how to restart the heart!

Today, we got the chance to interview two students, Alfie and Ivy, both aged 11, from St Andrew’s. Alfie stated, ‘It is good to learn CPR because it’s good to learn life-saving techniques in case of an emergency.’ Ivy added, ‘I would choose this subject as a career because I can help to save people.’ Both chose this workshop because it is good to learn these skills in case someone faces a life-threatening situation.

Lily and Rosie, 11, from St Andrew’s and Leland, 11, from Wyke Regis.

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