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At Weymouth College we are delighted to be a delivery partner in Multiply, which is a new government-funded programme to help adults across the UK to improve their numeracy skills.



So… what exactly is Multiply?

Just launched – Multiply will offer adults FREE maths courses with opportunities to build confidence in using numbers in daily life, home, and work and gain formal numeracy qualifications.

Our courses will help you understand and improve household finances, help your children with homework, make more sense of the stats and facts in the media, or improve numeracy skills specific to your line of work.

People who improve their numeracy skills are more likely to be in employment, have higher wages, and better wellbeing, and will be more able to progress to higher levels of free training to secure a skilled job in our economy.

Who can benefit from Multiply?

You can be part of Multiply if you’re aged 19+ and don’t currently have maths GCSE at grade C (or equivalent) and live in the Dorset Council area.

There are courses for beginners and those who want to build on existing maths knowledge.

As a business owner – could Multiply be good for your staff and your business?

Yes – businesses who develop their employees’ numeracy skills can boost productivity, increase profits, and also improve employee retention.

Employers will be able to utilise Multiply courses to upskill their existing workforces, through our range of flexible and bespoke training, which will enable learners to progress onto work-ready Functional Skills in Maths or GCSE Maths.


So…what Multiply courses are available at Weymouth College?

We are pleased to be offering a range of free Multiply Maths courses from September 2022 onwards – you will find details below.

If you would like to find out a little more about these courses, please complete the enquiry form and we will be in touch.


Our Multiply Courses

Preparation for Functional Skills Maths

You will prepare to undertake a formal maths qualification by refreshing study skills, building confidence and breaking down any barriers which may have affected prior learning. Delivered by the friendly staff at our town centre site – learners who successfully pass will be enrolled onto a Functional Skills Maths qualification.

A short course of 4-6 weeks

Preparation for GCSE Maths

Helping learners looking to gain a formal GCSE qualification in Maths but who may have been out of education for some time or simply need to boost their confidence and skills before commencing on the formal qualification. This course will include a refresh of study skills and help to break down the maths anxiety some learners feel about a return to the classroom which can ultimately hinder their career plans. Providing a friendly and relaxed approach to returning to the classroom, these sessions will run throughout the year in the evenings.

A short course of 4-6 weeks

Boost your Workplace Skills

Delivered face to face and online this course is aimed at employees who are looking to step up into supervisory positions but may lack the skills or confidence in numeracy. The course will cover dealing with budgets, stock ordering, payroll, annual leave calculations etc. and will also develop digital skills. Employees will gain the numeracy and analytical skills – and confidence – to actively support their employer within the workplace.

A short course of up to 6 weeks

Removing the myths and fear – helping your children with their homework!

Flexible sessions delivered online and face to face will help to increase parent’s confidence in helping their children with their maths homework. This will include skills and techniques to introduce numeracy into a range of family and household situations, helping parents to refresh their own knowledge or develop additional confidence and skills that will also aid their own progression. The course will cover some basic numeracy skills and introduce the teaching methods which align with their children’s learning of maths in school, both primary and secondary.

Delivered over 12 weeks

Help with company finances for the self-employed

Aiming to increase the skills and confidence needed to be able to manage company finances without the need to employ an accountant. This will include the use of Excel, training on paying staff (NI and Tax), VAT, managing a variable income etc. The course will also support a learner’s digital skills development as well as numeracy skills.

A short course of 6 weeks

Budget Busting

These face to face courses will include sessions on household budget management (including help with mobile phone contracts, credit and interest payments, bank accounts – interest and saving, universal credit payments, cost of living increases, energy bill worries), independent living skills (including shopping budgeting, healthy eating).  This training will enhance the learner’s analytical thinking and includes digital strategies for setting up and monitoring budget/finances. The course will utilise the Excel package.  Excel skills are in great demand and support local employer needs.

A short course of 4 weeks

Magic Maths

A year-round course covering basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.  This course is aimed at those who have barriers to maths and will be delivered in a variety of ways, face to face and offsite.  You will be taking part in activities such as cooking, walking and shopping, the Maths Drop in Cafe, games and problem-solving based maths – all delivered in a supportive and enjoyable format and encouraging participants to  talk about maths in a positive way.

A 12 month course

The next step

If you would like to find out more about the Multiply at Weymouth College free maths courses, please complete the enquiry form and we will be in touch.

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