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As you have been offered a place at Weymouth College you have been sent an enrolment letter with a link to this secure enrolment portal.

Please click ENROL NOW to complete your enrolment online. This will take you to your online enrolment dashboard.


You can log in to the enrolment dashboard as often as you want, so you do not need to complete everything in one go. We will also publish further important documents and information relating to your enrolment on your enrolment portal area up to, and after, you start your course.

You have been booked an appointment to meet with your tutor for a welcome appointment and to discuss the course you are enrolling on. You can view your appointment date and time by logging in to the secure enrolment portal above, where you will also find details of what you should do if you are not able to attend your appointment for any reason.

Completed your online enrolment?

Congratulations – you are now a student at Weymouth College. We are looking forward to seeing you at your welcome meeting

  1. Don’t forget, if you can’t make your welcome meeting date you can let us know via the enrolment portal and we can arrange an alternative time for you.
  2. Don’t forget to make a list of questions to ask your tutor at your welcome meeting – they could be about kit, grades, summer work or anything else – don’t be shy to ask!
  3. Have you made sure you have student funding in place if you need it? You’ll find full details at
  4. Are you nervous at all about starting college? Please don’t worry – our student services team will be here to make sure you have all the support you need
  5. Remember to bring a smile with you! You will be getting your photo taken for your student ID card after your welcome meeting!
  6. Our start date this year is 7th September for A Levels and 14th September for all other FE courses – see you then.
  7. We understand you may have concerns about starting college but we have staff here to support you and keep you safe and we are making special arrangements for social distancing across the campus
  8. We are adapting to all the UK Government advice to ensure we can give you the best possible student experience in a safe environment. We promise to aim to offer you as much flexibility as we are able to make the start of your studies here with us as smooth as possible.
  9. If you live more than 5 miles from campus and are looking at using public transport to and from college – remember to download and complete the direct debit form at and bring it to your welcome meeting so we can get your travel pass organised if you are eligible.
  10. Did you know that as a Weymouth College student you can apply for discretionary support funds to help you with your course-related costs such as travel, equipment, trips, lunch, stationery and also childcare support if you feel you may suffer financial hardship. You can find details at
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