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As new growth appears everywhere, you will be amazed as we explore the remarkable world of wild medicinal herbs that are growing amongst our hedgerows, gardens and green spaces.

Not only are we able to eat a lot of these wild plants but they also have amazing medicinal/health giving properties that we can use in preventing and treating our seasonal ailments.

During the day, you will:-

  • Be out and about learning easy ways to identify a variety of spring herbs.
  • Learn all about the medicinal/health giving properties of the herbs we find and how you can use them to treat your seasonal ailments and enhance your day to day health and wellbeing.
  • Forage and use the bounty we find to cook lunch together, giving you a variety of recipes to take home with you.
  • Learn to make delicious infused vinegars and springtime tea blends.


What is made on each workshop can be subject to a slight change if we have extreme weather, the plants required are not growing etc.


You will make

  • Infused Spring Vinegar
  • Allergy tea
  • Demo – Sautéed Nettles & tasting
  • Demo – syrup making demo/tasting

Materials cost per person to the Lecturer on the day £10.00

Please bring with you:

  • An apron,
  • 2 clean jars with lids – jam jar size
  • A mixing bowl
  • Labels for your jars or you may wish to design your own later.
  • Notepad and pen.

Lots of information will be given, and comprehensive handouts will be available to take away on the day.

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