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This course will introduce you to the principles of weaving on a shaft loom and enable you to create your first woven fabric.  

You don’t need any prior experience in weaving to participate and there will be some looms available to hire. If you do have your own loom you are welcome to bring it along, but please let us know when you book. 

Week by week this course will cover the suitability and selection of weaving yarns, the basic types of fabric construction, the different main styles of looms, how to create a warp, how to set up the loom for weaving, creation of the fabric itself and the finishing techniques for the resulting cloth. 

All these steps will build together to give you a broad introduction to the art of shaft loom weaving and enable you to create your first woven bag or cushion. 

If you are inspired to continue weaving after this course, advice on loom selection will be available and there may well be looms for sale as well. 

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