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Course and Qualification Name

Level 1 Safeguarding

Employers may also wish candidates to achieve appropriate additional qualifications in Education and Training, including coaching.

The above outcomes will be achieved before the end-point assessment.


The Learning Mentor Apprenticeship will typically take 18 months

Month 1- 15 is for the on-programme delivery of the apprenticeship. Following this, should apprentices be successful in passing through the gateway in Month 16, Month 16-18 is allocated for End Point Assessment.

End-Point Assessment – Month 16-18

The EPA process consists of two assessment processes: (a) Assessor Coach Observations (ACO’s) and (b) a Professional Discussion (PD). With effective planning, these two processes can be delivered sequentially or segmented to suit naturally occurring work practice opportunities and constraints during one day, however in exceptional circumstances; alternative arrangements can be made with the agreement of all relevant parties. Employers must plan to ensure that the on-site assessment is as effective as possible, exploiting authentic assessing and coaching opportunities with ‘real’ learners. For example, the PD may take place, in part, before, after and/or between the two scheduled Observations, according to the availability of the learner/s to be assessed or coached by the apprentice. In order to support the IA in reaching their judgement, it is recommended that the IA allows time at the beginning of the EPA to discuss with the employer and/or apprentice the purpose and background relating to the scheduled AC sessions. This prior discussion may be necessary to identify any specific learner needs or operating practices in-place that might impact on the apprentice’s assessment and coaching processes.


The AC may be eligible to progress onto a full teaching role within an education and training provider organisation.

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