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Business generally covers the areas of marketing, finance, IT, operations, human resources and administration, so often appeals to those who enjoy studying a number of different areas. While technical skills are needed for many roles in IT, employers also want team players, problem-solvers and good communicators. All IT jobs involve some level of technical content, from the technical skills of a software developer to project management roles where communicating with, and organising the people who do hold such technical knowledge, may be more important than actually having the technical skills. Our Business & IT courses will help you prepare for work, develop your existing career, or gain skills whilst working as an apprentice. This is for you if… you plan to work in business or run your own business and you enjoy learning practical skills and learning how to apply them.
Sam says
Sam says... I had great support with my qualification from my assessor when I needed it and really enjoyed how the course focused on developing skills needed for working.
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