A Levels

Courses Level Status
Applied Science (equivalent of 3 Science A Levels) BTEC Extended Diploma Find out more
Biology A Level Find out more
Chemistry A Level Find out more
English Language A Level Find out more
English Literature A Level Find out more
Extended Research Project A Level Find out more
Film Studies A Level Find out more
Geography A Level Find out more
Geology A Level Find out more
Government & Politics A Level Find out more
History A Level Find out more
Languages: German A Level Find out more
Languages: Spanish A Level Find out more
Law A Level Find out more
Maths & Further Maths A Level Find out more
Media Studies A Level Find out more
Photography A Level Find out more
Physics A Level Find out more
Psychology A Level Find out more
Sociology A Level Find out more
Sport & Exercise Science A Level Find out more

By choosing A Levels at Weymouth College, you will be opting to study in a Sixth Form that has a proven record of success. Our Sixth Form is rated amongst the best in the country for value-added scores. This means that our students consistently exceed the A Level grades that their GCSE results would predict. A high proportion of our students also progress to the university of their choice. We have an extensive programme of subjects available, some of which are uniquely available at Weymouth College:Why study with us? 

This is for you if… you’re looking for a suitable entry to university as well as a great way of demonstrating your capabilities to potential employers. A Levels open up a wide choice of career opportunities, many of which would require you to study at higher education level and will require the correct mix of A Level qualifications.

• Environmental studies;

• Creative writing;

• World development;

• Film studies;

• The broadest range of maths options.

This means that you can select the A Levels that meet your individual interests and aspirations, and that will give you the best opportunity to progress to your desired university course or prepare you for employment.

In addition, the Applied Science BTEC Extended Diploma is a nationally recognised qualification providing studies in three scientific skills: physics, biology and chemistry. It is equivalent to three A Levels and is taken as an entry qualification to university.

We are proud of the excellent support and guidance offered to our students. Our courses are delivered by subject specialist staff who have a wealth of experience, including teaching at degree level. Many of our lecturers currently mark papers for exam boards and are therefore able to help you to perform and achieve results to the best of your ability.

Adult Environment

At College you are not required to attend registration every morning and you will be allowed to leave site during the day. Our students find that this environment is an excellent way of preparing for the independence that comes with university life or work. However, attendance will be monitored and all absences will be followed up with a phone call home. You will call lecturers by their first name, be allowed to wear what you like and be expected to behave like adults. There are many enrichment opportunities at College; these include doing leisure courses such as First Aid, Sign Language, Sport and Music. There are also Sixth Form trips such as the annual trip to London, which is free of charge.

Your A Level Options

Advanced Level AS (Year 1): In the first year of study you will choose four subjects at AS Level. For most of the subjects you will require a minimum of five A-C GCSE grades, which normally include English and maths. If you do not achieve these, there are re-sit options available at the College. For some subjects the entry requirements are more specific, please refer to individual course information.

Advanced Level A2 (Year 2): After completing the AS year you will choose three of the subjects to continue to A2. You would be expected to have achieved minimum grade C at AS in each subject in order to progress to A2. Some students will have the option to take additional AS subjects in their second year of study.

Enhanced Vocational Programme: If you decide to study a BTEC vocational qualification at Weymouth College you may have the option to also study an A Level, for example:

• A Level Maths alongside BTEC Construction or Engineering

• A Level Biology or Psychology alongside BTEC Health & Social Care, BTEC Sport & Exercise Science or BTEC Public Services.

Studying combinations of subjects will provide you with the best opportunity for progression to university courses that have specific entry requirements.

Your A Level experience

For each subject you will study in class for five hours a week and you will be expected to dedicate the same amount for homework and private study. Completing assignments and private study is crucial to your success, so should be treated seriously and deadlines are expected to be met. In response to this we endeavour to give feedback on all submitted work within one week.

In lessons you will be active students, participating in class discussions, group work and independent study. You will be prepared for examinations with regular mock assessments and teaching will continue right up until the last exam. We also provide additional revision sessions to fully support you through this period.

Trips and guest speakers will also feature in your study programme and you will have access to our Higher Education facilities, such as the science laboratories, media and art departments.  You will also have a personal tutor who will help you with both personal and academic issues. You will have a timetabled lesson once a week with your tutor, who will help monitor your progress and set and review targets.

Next steps

Click on the course link in the table for more information, including entry requirements, assessment and course content. You may also want to discuss courses with teaching staff and students at one of our Open Evenings and apply for a place online.