Celebration for Prince’s Trust Students at Weymouth College

April 10, 2017

Members from the latest cohort of the Prince’s Trust Team Programme – and their friends and families – came together on Thursday 6th April to celebrate and recognise the achievements of all the students completing the 12-week course.

Weymouth College Principal Nigel Evans was extremely pleased to be able to attend the celebration and present each of the Prince’s Trust Team students with their certificates and teamwork awards.

Trevor Allison, Prince’s Trust Leader said:“Every graduation is special but it became apparent as this evening progressed, just how many unique achievements, both individually and collectively, we have been lucky enough to witness over the last twelve weeks.  The staff team could not be more proud.”

The students presenting and sharing their experiences at Thursday’s celebration were: Dan Cox, Holly Culley, Callum Horsborough, Keanu Wyatt, Connor Lee, Thomas Hircock, and Jordan Sugden. (Chanelle Edmondson also successfully completed the course but was unable to attend the celebration.)


Many of the students outlined their plans for the future and the College will continue to support all members of the Team Programme, actively helping them to engage in their immediate plans for further training and personal development.